Brighton rocks American Vogue

source: models.com

No matter what people say about Brighton, it's the one place I fell in love in and fell in love with. To me, it's beautiful.

My macbook failed on me last week. I was too bummed about it that I haven't been online much at all since. BUT I received good news from the technicians, my baby is revive-able and I'll be able to pick it up by the end of this week :) That means......photo diaries up soon. Bear with me!!


Bangkok'11 Photo Diary - Part 1

Bangkok seems so long ago now, but everytime I go through the pictures, I can't help but smile to myself. Its very rare for my family to find time to go on vacations together but this year, I insisted to organize one and it was one of the best family trips we've had in a long long time.


Hotel was fab! Don't get me started with the hotel beds, it was luxurious.

For Buttercream Bakery:

Cupcakes everywhere and the shops are soooo cute! I didn't try any of them cause I knew they wouldn't be as good as Buttercream. You have spoilt my taste buds.

This Secret Garden is so so cute. It was in the middle of the mall below our hotel. Everyday I'd walk past with a full stomach, wishing I hadn't had that much to eat so I could fit in a cake or two. On our last day, I finally went down for tea, will post up what I had in part 2.

This is another cafe, an organic cafe. It had a very vintage feel to it, they had special coffee blends and tea and a store next to it where they sold random stuff like scarves, pillows, bags... all hand-made. I wish there were cafes like these back when I was in high school, it's definitely a place you can study in. I didn't get to try it out, there were too many shops surrounding this coffee shop, could not fight the temptations.

Food in thailand - AH-MA-ZING.

Night Life:

Bangkok is filled with night markets, and I was so excited to find out that there was one close by to our hotel. A visit was a must...

Butt pants!! LOL 

Sea of Fake Shoes.

Out of no where, a stall selling Krispy Kreme! There were Krispy Kreme everywhere in Bangkok, I didn't quite understand why they were selling these at the markets. I didn't dare to try.


One of the highlights of my trip was when we visited the traditional temples. I have always wanted to visit one, and it was better than in photos. Everything was so golden, colorful and sacred. 

The statues were beautifully sculpted. This particular temple was called the 'Four-faced temple', the God has 4 faces so he? can see it all (I heard).

Elephants are sacred in Thailand, so there were statues everywhere. I wanted the baby ones to bring back to Hong Kong. They're so prettty!

These ladies sang and prayed for hours. I love the costumes and the pointy gold fingernails they had on.

Madre and I

This woman was selling cages of little birds by the temple, I then found out that it was a form of good deed, to purchase these birds and set them free at the temple. 

There's just too many photos for one post. Will post up the food and fun in part 2.

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend.


Rachel Zoe S/S 12

We all know who Rachel Zoe is. She's now one of the most recognisable stylist thanks to her hit reality show. ( i love fashion drama =P) I personally love her style, the boho chic isn't something I reckon I can pull off but it definitely suits her prefectly. So now she's having a go at designing, and showcased her designs at fashion week. Let me just say, it's got me going BANANAS.
Images by Janelle Okwodu for Models.com


 Maxi-dresses, sequins, lace,  prints and the BAGS!  LOVE.
Cant wait to see the rest of the collection.

Back to work,



Too good to be home

I've realized I haven't updated in frickin ages, I have saved up lots of juicy material but haven't had the time to actually post them. yes. I have been in complete holiday mode. That's what Hong Kong does to you, there's just too much to do and it always seems like there's not enough time!

Anyway, so now i have started a temp job in Lane Crawford. Im absolutely loving it so far, Im in the PR department, the people are lovely and because they handle so many brands, i get to see all the A/W 11 collections first hand :) At the moment, I am in love with Stella McCartney's Fall collection, but Ill get into that another time. 

Bear with me!


Vogue Germany

Seductive Orchid
Tom Ford

Model: Carola Remer
Photographer: Camilla Akrans

I wouldn't say my style is feminine, but there is just something about Tom Ford's designs.  The sexy lace, the red lips, wild prints and the silhouettes - so feminine yet powerful and mysterious. How can you resists? I have been seduced once again by you Mr Ford.

Have a lovely weekend beauts!