Vogue Germany

Seductive Orchid
Tom Ford

Model: Carola Remer
Photographer: Camilla Akrans

I wouldn't say my style is feminine, but there is just something about Tom Ford's designs.  The sexy lace, the red lips, wild prints and the silhouettes - so feminine yet powerful and mysterious. How can you resists? I have been seduced once again by you Mr Ford.

Have a lovely weekend beauts!


Saturday Inspired

Vogue Russia 

Model: Anna Selezneva
Photographer: Anthony Maule
source: fashiongonerogue

Love the masculine Vs. feminine touch.


Mila Kunis Glamour UK


 I don't read Glamour no more, but i love Mila Kunis.

Off to Thailand tomorrow :) 



Hong Kong photo diary 2

I SNAP Away When I see RED

 Parents watching over their kids taking swimming lessons

Chinese Graffiti

I love that RED rabbit. 

 JAA Bar / art gallery. Perfect place to go with good company

Off to Thailand in 2 days, will update when I return with all the juicy photos from Bangkok :)
Stay Tuned.



Hong Kong photo diary


The City of Lights. the view from my bedroom window.
Afternoon Nap. this guy is clearly very organized - his things are neatly placed as if it's his own bedroom.
Just a pretty sink. Pretty. no?
 Lash Junkie. so far iv only seen the girls from shu uemura wear these but they look pretty cool - cooler on its own.
Hong Kong Island. the economic centre of Hong Kong ( will dedicate a post on that soon)
Plateau Spa. my mum treated me to a heavenly facial & massage at Grand Hyatt spa - highly recommend it.

and finally...

It feels good to be BACK. It's been almost a year since I last came back, due to uni work and all that, it was wiser for me to stay focussed in England and leave all the fun till the summer.  
I've been here for 2 weeks already, time flies when you're in a city that never sleeps. There's always so much to do.. people to see, places to go - but I love it. So far, I have spent most of my days either with the family or my beautiful friends. Im determined to explore Hong Kong this summer, I'm hoping to show as much of Hong Kong as possible for you guys, I just need to decide where to start.