I have been scouting for a location for my shot for the past week for Tess Van Ghert's lookbook. The inspiration for Tess Van Ghert’s new endeavor came during a recent trip back to London, says the designer for the collection. “I was in long line at the airport when a big group of women from Mumbai—all  wearing stacks of bracelets and multicolored jewelry—walked past me. The women donned mixed pieces that, although very colorful, were subtle, so feminine and chic.” 

The collection reminded me of rocks, the ocean, the beach and sand and immediately I thought of Brighton beach. Even though it isn't a sandy beach, I thought it would be perfect with the different types of rocks you find on the beach so I spent the day in Brighton and walked along the beach to try and capture as much inspiration as I can for the shoot to help me envision the shoot.

Here are some of the images I took during my visit to Brighton:

Brighton beach is definitely a perfect location for my look book shoot, however i am worried about the wardrobe change on the beach, I will continue scouting for location and will update you all soon!

Have a beautiful weekend! Enjoy the gorgeous sun :)


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