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 Good Saturday!!! I took a break from blogging after my Final Major Project, but im BACK & Im going to try and stick to this, and take you guys through all my favourites, whether it's fashion, food, inspiration, architecture, random...etc 

Anyway, my first 'personal' post will be dedicated to my new girl crush - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Best known as Victoria Secret's only British model and the star of the upcoming Transformer sequel.
She's all over the front covers this summer, and she is looking stunning as usual. She is one of my favourite models. I love her style, I'd describe her style as a 'modern boho', but bottom line is, she looks good in whatever really lol im sure you'll all agree.



Rosie on ambition: ‘I’ve worked every day since I was 16 years old. I’ve tried to stay on the straight and narrow, I’ve tried to be professional in every way. I have really dedicated myself to my career.’

On acting: ‘I realise what people think. But that can’t affect my life or my choices. I haven’t claimed to be an amazing actress. I want to work, that’s all. I want to pay my bills and make my family proud.’

On her body: ‘I can’t remember a time where I really battled with my body, but I can remember being asked to lose weight and battling with the advice. It hurt me. You can get bullied as a young model.’

On Hollywood pressures: ‘Recently, I had a dermatologist tell me to try Botox. I’m 24! I just laughed. You can really get carried away if you want to – it’s important to see beyond the bulls***.’


She is also features on the front cover of GQ July

Legs - to die for!!!

More of my favourites and inspirations coming up :)

It's good to be back!!!



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