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I came across Tangent magazine a few months ago, while I was researching for my previous project on online fashion magazines. I literally fell inlove with the site almost straight away. I think its genius, not only is it high-fashion, the photography (in my opinion) is insanely good and the best thing is - it's published online! which is great cos as a fashion student, i spend...  abit too much on fashion magazines and i am not the type to chuck them out after so now im left with stacks of magazines just chilling on my bedroom floor and its pretty much become part of the furniture. I went through the stack the other day hoping to pick out a few to chuck out, but unfortunately Im abit of a hoarder when it comes to magazines, and I ended up spending hours piling them up in order instead - bit sad i know.

 So anyway, back to Tangent - photographed by Emmanual Giraud and styled by Heather Cairn. Even if you're not into photography, you should definitely check out the styling. Her risk taking sense of fashion is too sexy to handle!!   Here's a few of my favorites from the editorial shoot, make sure you check out the stunning teaser HERE.

Issue 6 was published last week and it's called High Heels in Demand (how can you resist with a title like that!)

Check out the rest of the issue for yourself here - Tangent.

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